Lars Janowski


Human 💀 | Husband 👩❤️👨 | Dad 👦👦 | Dog Lover 🐶 | CEO @ Venturekontor 📈 | Advisor 🔮 | Thalassophile ⛵️ | Angel Investor 💶 | Mentor 🧠


I run Venturekontor, a global consulting firm providing a range of advisory and professional service offerings. VK turns strategies into valuable business benefits.In addition to my CEO role I get my hands dirty as the "mechanic" a title given to me by one of my clients. I repair companies, very simple. I work with executives on turn-around, restructuring, transformation and growth initiatives. I have a reputation for maximising exit value.

If you want to work with me or any of the 100s of other experts, reach out via the website.

I am an investor and advisor for ExoHouses. We build self- and energy-sufficient eco homes with recycled sea containers in collaboration with architects and interior designers from around the globe.

It is pretty clear that our planet is pretty screwed up, and we urgently need to address the climate change issues. People need somewhere to live, but it is more and more expensive and for most people owning a house is an unreachable desire. ExoHouses are manufactured with used sea containers, can run fully self-sufficient and offer many other advantages. Affordable doesn't mean ugly, and a sea container doesn't mean living in a box.But see for yourself on our website.

I am a founding member of insideONE a global private network for Independent Advisors, Professional Services Experts & Business Leaders who wish to collaborate and communicate with like-minded leaders worldwide.Our focus is on helping each other to learn, grow and support each others' businesses and sales activities.Join through an invite from an existing member or on application.

In 2017 I launched the GenAlpha Foundation for kids. Coming of age in unprecedented times of change and rapid technological advancement, most Generation Alpha kids (born >2010) currently populate our primary schools. They face a future of work that will be remarkably different as some jobs disappear entirely and new jobs emerge.Schools globally are entirely out of their depth, continuing to teach the kids based on a 19th-century model.Generation Alphas are looking to parents and leaders for guidance.As we look to the future and the decade ahead, the kids need to be equipped with the skills and competencies that will enable them to thrive in this era of change.If you are a parent or a corporate leader and want to get involved, reach out to me.

Meet Meinstein. Meinstein is an AI Management Consultant.Meinstein has been trained by yours truly. His repertoire of solutions for your business problems is based on my 25 years of business advisory experience.So you don't need me anymore, and I can keep spending time with the family and our dog.PS- Of course, Meinstein only talks, and sometimes it's pretty weird, so if you need real help, click the button below the chat window or respond to the chatbot on the right.